Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Higher Visited People Video Songs on Youtube from English Songs

Youtube site..?? What all of you think about this site..??  For my opinion... i think Youtube is the site that so many people visited every day. This is the general site but my opinion it is entertainment site that most and maybe it is in all people in this world. But now i want talk about, the video song that most visited by people in this world. For my review, i thinks the most songs that many people visit in Youtube site so many but i just take the top ten level the most visited song in Youtube site.

First the higher visited video song is

Baby - Justin Bieber feat Ludacris  ( 481,987,203 )

Second higher visited video songs is

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga ( 354,081,729 )

Third higher visited video songs is

Waka Waka ( This Time for Africa ) - Shakira ( 312,826,463 )

Love The Way You - Eminem feat Rihanna ( 300,464,469 )

One Time - Justin Bieber ( 223,833,744 )

Not Afraid - Eminem ( 209,289,748 )

Party In The U.S.A - Miley Cyrus ( 199,713,688 )

I Know You Want Me - Pitbull ( 167,844,208 )

Never Say Never - Justin Bieber feat Jaden Smith ( 164,438,940 )

Firework - Katy Perry ( 135,926,562 )

What My Name - Rihanna feat Drake ( 135,586,922 )


  1. oh okey thank Jack...there are many think i wnt to write at here and upload...but i don't hve a lot time...maybe i just put some video only...sorry k...thank for your comment...


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