Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Top Ten World's Best Universities

Universities are the most important component in every person in the present era, where anyone who wants to succeed in life, to ensure the future generations. Now more universities and more established universities in the world, no matter in any country, certainly there are universities. There are ten top universities in the world.

1. University of Cambridge
Motto in EnglishLiteral: From here, light and sacred draughts
Non-literal: From this place, we gain enlightenment and precious knowledge
LocationCambridgeEngland, UK
Establishedc. 1209

2. Harvard University
Motto in EnglishTruth


EstablishedSeptember 8, 1636 (OS)
September 18, 1636 (NS)

3. Yale University
Mottoאורים ותמים (Hebrew) (Urim V'Tumim)
Lux et veritas (Latin)
Motto in EnglishLight and truth
LocationNew HavenConnecticut,U.S.A.

4. University College London
Arms of University College London (no longer used in any official capacity)
MottoCuncti adsint meritaeque expectent praemia palmae(Latin)
Motto in EnglishLet all come who by merit deserve the most reward
LocationLondon, United Kingdom

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Seal.svg

MottoMens et Manus
Motto in EnglishMind and Hand
Established1861 (opened 1865)
LocationCambridge,MassachusettsUnited States

6. University of Oxford

MottoDominus Illuminatio Mea(Latin)
Motto in EnglishThe Lord is my Light
EstablishedUnknown, teaching existed since 1096 (age 914–915)
LocationOxfordEngland, UK
7. Imperial College London

MottoScientia imperii decus et tutamen
Knowledge is the adornment and protection of the Empire
Established8 July 1907
LocationLondonUnited Kingdom
8. The University of Chicago
The seal of the University of Chicago. It is in the shape of a shield, with a drawing of a phoenix on the bottom and a book with the University's motto "Crescat scientia; vita excolatur" on the top.

MottoCrescat scientia; vita excolatur(Latin)
Motto in EnglishLet knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched

9. California Institute of Technology

Motto"The truth shall make you free"
10. Princeton University

Latin: Universitas Princetoniensis
MottoDei sub numine viget(Latin)
Motto in EnglishUnder God's power she flourishes
LocationBorough of Princeton,
Princeton Township,
West Windsor
New JerseyUSA

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