Thursday, February 24, 2011

Haunted House

when talk about haunted house may be not all people can accepted about this story, but sometimes they wanna to knows about this, but when asks they about ghost, they will say, forget it about it and talk about another story. when ask all of you to tell about this story  may be you all can feel like "it" include me..hehehe
try you all see below,how are you think about this house, scary or not to you..? but i think for you may be it is not so scary for you because this just a photo not reality..but how you feel when if  is a reality..?? what your feel at that time..?? may be you cannot think anything or you faint or may be wasting water in the pants..hehehe

may be this night not all i tell you about haunted house story. May be next time i will tell you again...wait me okey hehehehe ahuuuu


  1. Usually me and my friends are more interested in ghost stories. HAHA.

  2. may be your and your friends...but not other people...


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