Friday, February 18, 2011

Job vacancies..!!!

hye so difficult when talk about the future and about the world rigth now..becouse now a days so many thing changes..look in academic how many people succes and get's a good result in their study..but now how many thousands of people unable to continue the application to the work as there is no vacant positions that can qualify them to work,many of the post-graduate who is unemployed,although there is higher qualification,but there need competition if you want a job..see the picture many people apply for the work but only a few can will get it..this is not happen just in this country but all the world.

we see in the print media chest now, many of us can see,read and hear about the higher unemployment rates...which it is applying pressure on some governments,when many people who have a high pass can not work.

and we can see when have many unemployment...??

 think about it's..this is about future and about your country...

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