Sunday, February 20, 2011

When students do not attend class...

Today, I want to share a story section of students who did not attend the class. This hashappened a lot in any school regardless of the country or other countries in the world.But for the time today, I want the story section of students who did not attend the class,but sometimes I will not belong to the students of class .. hehehe .... but I want to say alsothat the symptoms are not present in the class is divided the first two did not attendbecause there is a specific reason such as illness or other and would not appear withoutany reason and the latter is absent. I do not want to talk long so I just stop at this. Below Iinsert a picture in which the student does not attend the class.

in the opinion of all of you are, how this phenomenon occurs and who way tosolve this problem ...?? because such symptoms semaking increased .. As youhopefully all of you are fellow human beings can be to share views and opinions ok ...

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