Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Do Your Thinks....???

what you all think about languages that you use when you want to post something at your blogger..? which one more good to you all, malay language, english or so on..?
You all knows, not just we're use this sites but too many in country but may be not just this country but all a world can see your posts at your blogger or your webs...But right now english very important to we are becouse english is international language and when we want go anywhere maybe oversea or want apply any job we should know about english at least can speak english. But now i'm wanna say about language that you will use when you post something at your blogger. What you want use...? English or Malay...??

Many  people saying that learn English can give many benefits too us, but others people says learn English not not so easy like what we all think. In addition, some of people says better write in Malay more benefit tham write in English because easy to write, easy to understands and so on. But now for me i'm think, better you think with self, you want write in Malay or English, that is better for you..

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