Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lost ideas...when want to start learning..??

when want to start learning , all my idea lost, why it should happen like this. I think not just me but every human in the world will be happen like what i feel now. May be, i think this problem  has solution, let i tell you all why this be happen to all human in this world. In my opinion, i think why many people lost idea when evening or when to start learning because:

1.Mood unstable
3.busy with daily activities like sleep.
4.have problem is not solved
5.Factor of weather and so on.

what i say above, this all according to my experience now or past, but i think maybe all of you have experience too. i think the solution of this problem depends on your own, for example if you set your mind to consider the possibility that lazy that we do not be achieved. This problem is much we can see among school students, university students or those who have careers. This we should change soon so that it does not become more serious .. I hope you have the answers themselves, and the solution...gud luck... sorry gang if my language wrong..i hope all of you can tell me..n help me to correct my language k..i'm still learning..thank q

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